DysTexia is an assistive technology project for dyslexic people, emerging at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University. The aim of the project is to build a system that enables automatic customization of  both online and offline text according to reader' s needs.  The system is developed for both children and adults dealing with any reading disorder. The problem with reading is connected with several other diseases, for instance epilepsy, tumours, post-stroke states, etc. 

DysTexia project is not only a technological tool. Multidisciplinary studies and tests were preceding technical solution. We focused on neurological, biological and psychiatric aspects of dyslexia before drawing DysTexia. 

DysTexia is a result of cooperation of researchers from Masaryk University and researchers abroad, namely Universität Wien and Universitat de Strasbourg. 

Existing results of our project were presented on international conferences and journals. 

The team leader of Masaryk University, under internship at Universität Wien, cooperated on European project LITERACY-EU that was financed ny European Commission under FP7 programm. 

The founder of the project, Tereza Pařilová, was supported by several scholarship programms and grants, namely AKTION program sponsored by Austrian Federal Ministry of ScienceResearch and Economy, Erasmus+ scholarship and selective Barrande fellowship awarded by French government. 




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